Mayoral Responsibility Changes in 2020

DID YOU KNOW that West Jordan’s form of municipal government is changing? Informed voters should understand the consequences of this change. It demands different leadership skills from the person who runs the day-to-day operations of our city with the mayor making more decisions instead of West Jordan’s city staff.


West Jordan currently has a Council-Manager government. It has served us well as a largely agricultural community for much of our seventy-two year history. But anyone who has paid attention to West Jordan in recent years recognizes the growing pains city leadership has experienced.


We need this change. Our current mayor opposed this change. However, he now hopes to be elected to run the Council-Mayor government he opposed.

We are now the fourth largest city in Utah, closing in on the third. Our growth rate compels us to move forward to a different kind of city planning and leadership.


West Jordan’s needs are evolving. Our Council-Mayor government will rely far more on the leadership skills and decision making of the mayor than ever before. 


Dirk Burton has shown the vision and commitment to West Jordan’s future.


Elect Dirk Burton.