Dirk Burton grew up in Kearns and moved to West Jordan where he and his wife, Janet, raised their six children. He and his wife chose West Jordan because of its favorable business policies and reasonable tax structure for his business. They have lived in West Jordan for over two decades. Since moving here, he has attended council meetings as a concerned citizen and as a business owner of an electrical contracting company.


As a member of the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce since 1998, Dirk joins with other business owners to promote a healthy business environment for both our city and the state of Utah. Dirk credits the Chamber for facilitating his effectiveness with various level of governments.


Dirk was elected to the West Jordan City Counci l  in 2015. His involvement in civic activities demonstrates his commitment to keeping our community thriving. Dirk’s proven leadership skills have been utilized in positions such as chairman of the Utah State Electricians Licensing Board, Utah State Construction Commissioner, board member of West Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Salt Lake County Council of Governments (COG), Western Growth Coalition, Jordan River Commission member, and current chairman of the Association of Municipal Councils.


When you vote for Dirk you can expect: limiting taxes and fees, managing growth and infrastructure at a sustainable rate, helping businesses flourish without excessive regulation, and valuing the citizens of West Jordan.


You see Dirk at the store, plays, church, park, school, traffic (with everyone else) and everywhere else in West Jordan. Dirk loves West Jordan. It’s home. 


West Jordan’s quality of life is desirable, but it must be protected. Elect the responsive leader.


Elect Dirk Burton.


Dirk Burton