Melanie Briggs

West Jordan Deputy and City Clerk for 27 years

I fully endorse Dirk Burton as mayor, because he IS the best candidate to serve The City of West Jordan as the first Mayor in our new form of government. I have had the privilege to interact and work with Dirk for 27 years in my capacity as the Deputy and City Clerk for West Jordan. 


Dirk is diligent in striving to do careful and detailed research in order to provide full transparency to the citizens. Prior to each Council meeting, he has always researched each item in order to make the best decision for the citizens and businesses of West Jordan. He was extremely concerned and frustrated during the budget process this year with the lack of transparency that was dismissed by other current West Jordan Council members.


In order to deal with the traffic, housing, and issues, Dirk attends the monthly Western Growth Coalition, Council of Government (COG), and the annual Legislative Session in order to develop alliances with other cities and stay informed to help him navigate well on behalf of the citizens.  I strongly encourage you to VOTE for Dirk Burton as Mayor for The City of West Jordan.

When you receive your ballot during the week of October 15, I ask you to vote for the best candidate, Dirk Burton as Mayor.

Aisza Wilde

President & CEO of West Jordan Chamber of Commerce

Councilman Dirk Burton was awarded 100% Business Friendly Voting Record by the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce 2018.


With an increase of property taxes and up to a 58%  increase in water rates, I have seen West Jordan businesses move, build other facilities in other cities, lose major projects, plan to move when their lease is up and unfortunately, warn other businesses to not come to the West Jordan area. That means individual citizens must pick up the costs for the city as opposed to businesses that could be flourishing.


With over thirty years of business and legislation experience, Dirk Burton understands the important relationship of businesses bringing in revenue, balancing taxes and fees, jobs, and how it decreases the financial burden of the individual citizen. I support Dirk Burton for Mayor.

Dave Newton

Former West Jordan Mayor and Council Member

I have seen Councilman Dirk Burton in action in the West Jordan Council. He studies the issues and is responsive to any citizen or issues concerning West Jordan. He gives out his cell number and quickly responds to help no matter the issue.


Even conflicts with differing opinions than his own doesn't keep him from listening and helping find answers to these problems. Dirk Burton cares about the individual and all citizens of West Jordan and I endorse him as mayor for West Jordan. 

Craig Dearing

Former West Jordan Chamber President & CEO over 30 years

I see that Dirk Burton brings a lot of dedication, calmness, and capable leadership to West Jordan City. This is essential to providing the strong management that is needed with the new council mayor change.


Also, for over twenty years he has effectively worked and communicated with other council  members, neighboring cities, and state issues for the best interests of West Jordan. I think the best person for the job is Dirk Burton.

Linda Dalley

Community Volunteer & West Jordan Resident

For over twenty plus years, I have seen Dirk Burton be accessible, honest, organized, thorough, dependable and follows through with his responsibilities with West Jordan. In one example, Dirk Burton helped a West Jordan citizen with significant zoning issues that would have cost several hundred thousand dollars and helped to save his retirement.


Dirk Burton has been instrumental and so important in supporting culture, history and the heritage of West Jordan. Dirk Burton supported the change in government (strong mayor) and he has the twenty plus years of experience to follow through and make the changes West Jordan needs. 

Josue Trujillo

River Oaks Suites & Apartments

Our business had issues with the city. After no response, we contacted Councilman Dirk Burton and he responded the same day. The solution that was initially discussed and denied was later approved thanks to Councilman Burton’s efforts. He works through

bureaucracy and personally resolves the issues. Dirk Burton is the man for the job. 

Josh Brunner

West Jordan Citizen

The simple reason I support Dirk Burton is that he cares about others. His personality is genuine, and his character, trustworthy. He is focused on bringing businesses to our community, of which we need more. We have more developable-land than any other city in the county, and it shouldn't be filled with just residences. I'm banking that his thirty-five years of experience of running his own business will give him the perspective necessary to help us reach that goal.

Jaren Davis, EO

Home Builders Association, Executive Officer

Healthy communities are built when homeowners, elected officials, and practitioners find consensus. Dirk has proven that while we don't always agree, we have a leader who cares and is willing to listen. For this reason, we know Dirk will provide effective leadership as the next Mayor of West Jordan.